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Corporate Strategy & Planning:

Our strategic planning process was conducted amidst a very challenging external business climate, and a degree of internal divergence and uncertainty about future direction. Opinions among senior staff about where the business should head were initially quite diverse, perhaps surprisingly so, with potential for all staff to find a strategy and forward planning process confronting and divisive. Against this backdrop, Shine International successfully harnessed the energy of our differing forward visions and opinions to help us form a cohesive, useful and pragmatic Strategic Plan, and ensured there was team spirit and widespread ownership of the product among our staff.

Shine International are solutions specialists of the highest calibre.  They use their experience, commitment and sense of fun to help stakeholders at all levels engage, see an attractive and shared business future, and work together to create a roadmap of how to get there.   Shine drives participants towards high quality outcomes, are completely committed to the client and insist on a best-practice, participative methodology, believing that only through this approach can the resultant planning product be suitably robust, comprehensive, realistic, owned and implemented.

Shine International are trusted strategists and coaches, known to several here from prior business engagements.  At all times we have found them to be a people of complete integrity, and unreservedly recommend them.

Jim Schmidt, Director, Procom

To have the document typed up as we go and have it available in hard and soft copy with all the diagrams, while we develop the strategy and do the planning, is an excellent way to plan! To be totally involved, not worry about the process, and to end up with the printed plan complete with KPI’s, is the missing piece of the puzzle.  It is such an effective use of our time.  It’s great!

I am pleased with the strategy and have just emailed the document to the team.  Thank you!

Kate Abrahams, Director, Deutsche Bank Global, Asia Pacific Region

The approach to strategy development and results are very impressive.

Jimmy Wilson, President, Stainless Steel Materials, BHP Billiton

Regional Strategy & Planning

We conducted a national study ‘Lead Local, Compete Global’ for the Federal Government, to see why some regions in Australia are successful and some aren’t. In this study we came across a regional initiative designed and facilitated by Shine International.  It is the most impressive process we have seen to create a shared vision among many disparate community, political and business groups to chart a shared future for the development and management of a region.

Michael Rennie, Managing Director, McKinsey & Co

Thank you for your wise advice as strategists for the development of a long-term national land transport strategy for New Zealand. Managing the needs of 45 non-government and government organisations throughout New Zealand had its challenges, which you handled with ease and success.  The training you gave our team showed us how to approach such a large and complex project in a way that ensured a good result for all.  We are currently implementing this strategy to support industry and agricultural change and achieve national economic growth through improved land transport.  Each of the strategy components – Economic Efficiency, Funding, Access, Safety, Environmental Effects, and Community - have been welcomed by relevant organisations.  Thank you again!

Director, New Zealand Ministry of Transport


At a time when the industry was in a slump, Paul McDonald, Kayt Raymond and Peter Smith of Shine International rationalised our eleven businesses nationally, changed systems and processes, assisted us to upgrade our products and services, leveraged our sales performance and assisted us to lift our net profit  (from 10% to 22% compounding) and leadership position in the marketplace. They jointly developed the strategy with us, coached and trained the sales people and assisted us to build an optimistic culture through positive change, capability building programmes and interventions. The team leader, Kayt, was a favourite presenter at our Boot Camps because her sessions were powerful and fun.

Chairman, Insurance Group

In the situation of global and regional change we needed the sound independent view of a consulting group with broad yet deep knowledge and experience in strategy creation, business models, growth, structure, culture and capability.  The group we required needed to be able to advise both the Global and Regional CEO’s as well as work with the members of the management teams to address issues and develop solutions.

Shine International did thorough and comprehensive work at the global and regional levels in relation to strategy for growth, structure and management processes.  It is enjoyable to work with a group that has this depth of knowledge, experience and understanding about the complexities of running successful organisations and businesses, and can also act as strategic coaches.

Regional CEO, Global Mining Company

Presentations & Training

I had been looking for someone to work with my team for a considerable time, and met with a number of practitioners.  Kayt was the one person who had what I was looking for - expertise, insight, wisdom  and compassion.  Her strong corporate grounding, and her ability to get to the heart of the matter, was what we wanted and what we got!  She has been a gift to the managers and myself.  We are pleased with the training she did with us and have been using the learning in team meetings and on the job daily. As individuals we have grown in capability and contribution and as a team we have become high functioning and appreciative in our interactions and management. I'd recommend her to any organisation interested in investing in its people.

Manisha Amin, Director, Cancer Council

I first met Kayt Raymond, Shine International, when she presented at my CEO Institute Syndicate in October, 2010.  She spoke to the group of CEO’s about the business case for driving engagement of employees, improving performance and retention, and enhancing the bottom line.

The content and style of Kayt’s presentation inspired me to have her present the keynote session at our Sales Conference 2011.  The keynote was motivating and fun and my large team participated and enjoyed it immensely, particularly as she included the stories of individual sales representatives and examples of their strengths in action.  There was a flow on in the workplace as individuals became interested in expressing their strengths at work.

Currently, Kayt is doing capability building with some of my people.

My experience with Kayt Raymond and Shine International has been highly beneficial from a corporate perspective and enlightening from a personal viewpoint.

Kayt is the most insightful and accurate one on one mentor and coach that I have interacted with in my 23 years of corporate life. Kayt in "Andrew Denton Enough Rope style" is able to unlock the key challenges or impediments the individual is facing and gain buy in.  Then she devises a practical plan of action and gets positive behavior change with both good or challenged individuals as she does the capability building programme.

With those individuals who have a quirk or inadequacy in their work and style that needs to be addressed, she manages to do this without disengaging or insulting the individual, while at the same time confronting highly sensitive and confronting topics about performance.

In doing so, Kayt provides senior management with the missing pieces to ensure that full performance potential and career advancement is realised in their employees.  Thus investing in employees is worth it as it translates into job satisfaction, additional productivity and intention to stay.

Peter O'Neill, Director, B Braun

Capability Building Coaching

Working with Shine International has been a subtle and illuminating experience, which was skillfully managed from its inception. In a process where I was assisted in constructing the goals I had for the programme we were under-taking, we embarked on a thorough, creative and useful journey of exploration.  Over time I have been able to shift my behaviour and reassess my objectives for a satisfying and fulfilling working life.

Working with a focus on my strengths and positive reinforcement I have been guided with intelligence and wisdom to insights about the ways in which I can extend my capabilities and fulfil my potential.  I have been able to build on the things I do well to become as effective as possible in what I do each day.  Learning to take responsibility for both my strengths and those areas I want to enhance has been a wonderful and practical learning experience.

I have enjoyed building this foundation of trust in myself in the workplace and expressing more of who I am.  The programme of strategic learning during the sessions is instructive and enjoyable.  I always look forward to our sessions – they are informative, encouraging, supportive and often humourous.  I also appreciate being inspired and encouraged to achieve my goals for this programme by practicing in the workplace.

Gillian Chaplin, Director, Magian Design Studio

Shine International has assisted me to focus on my strengths and attributes and to stretch them.  It has built my confidence.  These together with a focus on business acumen, high level strategic understanding, tactical skills and solving substantial organisational and community problems have assisted me in my current role and career development.

Shine has taken me through a programme of experiences and learning,
underpinned by advanced theory, use of broad validated tools, university and peer journals.  These together with Shine’s business experience, knowledge, deep understanding of people and organisations, make for interesting, challenging and enjoyable meetings and discussions.

My improved skill of managing new and difficult situations has been a great outcome of the coaching and professionally tailored programme.

Nicholas Marlow, Director of Nursing, Community Health Services,
Sydney South West Area Health Service

Sales Coaching

When Permission Marketing and Selling the Way Your Customers Buy were first explained to us by Denis Preston, we realised why our previous approaches had been both uninformed and aggressive, and why our approaches were no longer effective in selling properties and shares in our trusts.  We now focus our competitive advantages on the real needs of our prospects and clients and win a much higher percentage of clients and revenue.  Asking first, then understanding needs and priorities, is a simple way to build deep rapport and a smooth flow in the sales process.

Mark Burrows, CEO, The Denison Group

It was essential for us to grow our insurance client bases, with a focus on building long term relationships based on the clients clear needs, then providing specific solutions using our quality products.  Our coaching with Shine International, has allowed us to achieve these goals and also attract relationship managers focused on these essential foundations.  Understanding the way people behave, make decisions and want to be served is setting us apart from the competition in sales growth.

Robert Kelly, Chairman & CEO, Steadfast Group Ltd

For some years now we have been coached by Denis Preston on how to understand the behaviours of prospect and clients, especially their communication styles and communication processes.  Consequently, we keep accurate responses to our check lists and record the critical clients’ strengths in our databases for review prior to each recontact and presentation.  We have learnt that understanding these critical areas in the IT industry assists to establish and maintain mutually beneficial long term relationships that compound sales.

Scott Enfield, Relationship Manager, Consult Point


In a comprehensive national search, we found, of the best three strategists and facilitators nationally, Kayt Raymond is the strongest.  

Paul Gilding, Chairman, Ecos Corporation

It is the need for protection and ecologically sustainable management of the reef that prompted the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Strategic Plan.  Designed and facilitated by Shine International, and developed among 70 organisations – industries (worth $2.5 billion annually), conservation groups, government agencies, recreation organisations, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, it is a great example of an Australian solution to and Australian challenge.  The challenge was one which other countries had faced, the solution is one which other countries and other regions of Australia can take as a model.  I must congratulate Kayt Raymond on her considerable work as facilitator and leader of the negotiation and discussion process.

Paul Keating, former Australian Prime Minister


Shine International was recommended to us as the people who could facilitate the sensitive negotiation among 12 performing arts companies and venue managers from around Australia.  This new initiative to bring about industry change and development was fraught with the potential for conflict and disagreement. Shine managed the situation superbly – facilitating the issues, the egos and the political sensitivities in such a way that people jointly agreed to move forward together in a process of positive change.

Marketing Director, Sydney Opera House

Kayt is the best strategic visionary and problem solver I have encountered, and couples this with the important capacity to empower the dormant management and leadership abilities of the typical plant engineer, company accountant or Managing Director.  She is completely at home in the most sensitive and politically charged situations, and seems to relish involvement in complex and fraught disputes.  It is my experience that the group at Shine International can help and guide senior management into venturing out of its comfort zone, and into a brave new world of vision, leadership and success, while convincing the managers it was their own brilliance that got them there.

Mike Bugler, Environment Manager, Stewart Oil